Make ironclad agreements with this team contract template

Lock in the terms of engagement for your next project when you customize our team contract examples so everyone is aligned as you build out project scopes, timelines, assets, and more.

large white rectangle with three red squares placed diagonally across itlarge white rectangle with three red squares placed diagonally across it

Team contract template

Put the team in “team contract example” by inviting every member into an interactive shared whiteboard.

Assemble the dream team

Ensure everyone’s on the same page—literally and figuratively—with a team agreement example that keeps you accountable.

Make it official: Create a sense of psychological safety by putting your “unwritten rules” in writing.

Make it easy: Start every project on the right foot—even when new teams or talent are involved—by filling out a team agreement template.

Make sense of it all: Clarify who’s in charge of what by defining and delegating each task.

diagram with a "No" section and a "Yes" section with red sticky notes placed in eachdiagram with a "No" section and a "Yes" section with red sticky notes placed in each
a group of four red sticky notes pointing to a clipboard with four red sticky notesa group of four red sticky notes pointing to a clipboard with four red sticky notes

Contracts take two (or more)

A contract is an agreement—and agreements exist between multiple people. With FigJam, your entire team can write up the contract in real-time using Lil’ Notes and Simple Vote, make it legit with ready-made shapes and branded content, and access it anytime they need guidance or reassurance.

Feel the impact of a contract

Agree on terms, roles, and responsibilities for each team member to see any project through. For more handy tools to help that project succeed, check out our community offerings.


Having a group contractcomes with a handful of benefits. For example, they:

- Create clear expectations for everyone to follow

- Act as an unbiased mediation tool when friction arises

- Bring first-time team members into the fold quickly and efficiently

- Remove the “I wasn’t sure what I was in charge of” excuse

Ultimately, whether you’re in school, the workplace, or an after-hours passion project meeting, a team contract can help you deliver on time with the fewest speedbumps due to the shared responsibility of everyone.

While every contract differs, most team agreements examples come with sections like:

- Each member’s name

- Email addresses or phone numbers for everyone involved

- A list of tasks required for the project and who owns each one

- Projected due dates for each responsibility

- The expected duration and frequency of meetings

- Guiding principles and values to follow

- Communication conventions and collaboration expectations

- The final goal of the project

- A signature section

With that said, feel free to add and remove portions as you see fit—it’s your contract, after all.

The simplest way to create a contract is to start with one of our team agreement examples and make it your own. When you put together your team contract in FigJam, you can quickly and easily make changes, move sections around, add links and logos, and more.

As you write your team contract, remember that it isn’t meant to hold up in court. It’s not a legally binding document, so don’t feel like you need to stuff it full of fancy words and legal jargon. Use clear and concise language that everyone can understand so you can avoid mishaps and miscommunications.

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