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Score touchdowns with a team huddle template

Link up for your daily debriefing and create today’s master plan—the whole team will make it through the goalposts using FigJam’s collaborative meeting tool.

three long and skinny rectangles with two blue and red squares next to themthree long and skinny rectangles with two blue and red squares next to them

Team huddle template

Record daily standup meetings and replay the game tape on-demand with this customizable template.

Play together

Whether your team’s daily plan has you on offense or defense, sketch out your strategy on this meeting template meets locker room whiteboard.

Pop a squat: Get everybody involved in identifying goals and priorities for the day.

Sketch it out: Map out today’s strategies so the whole team knows what’s on the agenda.

Build your playbook: Create a record of where your team’s at to guide discussions.

three colorful sections of a team diagramthree colorful sections of a team diagram
one large rectangle with colorful sticky notes and three human iconsone large rectangle with colorful sticky notes and three human icons

Teamwork makes for dreamwork

Bring the whole team under stadium lights with FigJam’s templates for meetings. Share Anonymous Thoughts, write encouraging Lil’ Notes, and express your excitement for the initiative ahead with Emoji. With all-star tools, FigJam makes it easy for every teammate to become the next MVP.


Your team’s virtual huddle board should cover all the topics and questions addressed at your daily standup meeting. Depending on your team, the specifics can include anything from a record of creative ideas generated during your brainstorming session to figures relating to inventory and budgets.

Huddle board examples (sometimes called lean huddle board templates in agile team applications) also make note of who said what, so that it’s easy to refer back to previous discussions at a later date. You should consider collecting all of your completed huddle templates to create an accessible timeline of developments.

Every virtual huddle board template’s purpose is to record the discussions and goals established daily by your team. Having a written account of each day’s mission is invaluable for busy teammates conquering multiple projects. Use this helpful tool to document progress, answer questions, and keep coworkers up to speed.

FigJam’s team huddle meeting template makes it simple to follow a debrief—share it on the big screen in a conference room or keep it open in your browser as you WFH. At the end of the meeting, you can forward it to the rest of the team and store it for later.

Goals, priorities, and team questions are the main focus of a daily huddle or standup meeting. The goal of a daily huddle is to get to the point quickly and precisely, ensuring your team members understand the plan without wasting time. FigJam’s huddle board template makes space for that entire conversation, including:

- The daily agenda

- Colleague questions specific to the daily agenda and their answers

- A record of goals and priorities

- Timeline-specific scheduling

Generally speaking, daily huddles aren’t the place for problem-solving or tangents, so save in-depth strategizing for later and keep your huddle template simple like the meeting that inspired it.

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