Opposites attract with a This or That template

Tap into this popular social media template to build team bonds, engage with followers, or highlight value propositions for strategic planning. FigJam makes diagramming easy—no matter which side you fall on.

double sided arrows divided down the middle with red on the left and blue on the rightdouble sided arrows divided down the middle with red on the left and blue on the right

This or That template  

Provide a peek into your interests to pique target audience interest—with this free, shareable template.

More of this, more of that, more of them

While courting your online fanbase, skip cheesy pick-up lines and opt for an on-trend representation of your priorities.

More fish in your sea: Attract followers to your social media platform that share your preferences.

Speed date the internet: Boost audience engagement with a quick, charismatic overview of your product or persona.

Ready to mingle: Introduce your singular new project or contentto the world with emphasis on what sets you apart.

one double sided arrow with FigJam stickers and voting toolsone double sided arrow with FigJam stickers and voting tools
this or that diagram with multiple rows and votes on the optionsthis or that diagram with multiple rows and votes on the options

No catfishing necessary

Build transparency around your brand values and curate your online presence, with the help of your team. With FigJam’s variety of Community-built tools, including Teams, Badge, and Giphy Stickers, your template becomes lively grounds for collaboration—and debate.

Commitment issues?

This template or that template? There’s no need for exclusivity when it comes to FigJam templates—spread the love around and get your team acquainted with all our Community has to offer.


The simple structure of a This or That diagram lends itself to many applications and occasions. You can play with the format off-the-clock to opine on favorite foods, bands, or activities, or you can bring your whole team on board to ideate products and projects. All you need to do is note your preferences on an existing diagram—choosing, say, between frozen or on-the-rocks, punk or pop, surf or ski—or create your own list of contrasting choices to send to friends.

Whether you’re looking to play a round of This or That with followers on social media or using the template to nail a pitch, our This or That template maker can help you distinguish contrasting topics, pin down preferences, and present This and That in style.

This or That templates begin with two columns appropriately titled “This” and “That.” You’ll want to fill up both sides with items, concepts, or qualities that contrast with what’s listed in the opposing column. Then, you’ll circle your preferred choice from each pair. In the end, you’ll have created an engaging chart to share with followers and teammates.

A This or That Instagram template is the perfect medium to showcase your personality, or yourbrand story. Whether you’re creating a silly, charming profile for your anthropomorphized product or looking to quickly differentiate your project values, This or That questions for your Instagram story—and the office—leave plenty of room for creativity.

Consider these example questions:

1. Single-user or group-friendly?

2. Spicy or sweet?

3. Electric or solar?

4. Brainy or tactile?

5. Britney or Christina?

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