Find the missing puzzle piece to productivity with our time blocking template

Time management just got easier. Visualize your day at a glance, no matter how packed it is. This daily time blocking template helps you prioritize tasks and focus on the projects that matter. Plan out your daily schedule and improve your productivity.

time blocking diagram exampletime blocking diagram example

Time blocking template

Take the mystery out of meeting scheduling with a free collaborative template.

Perfect your routine

Create an effective weekly planner and schedule using easily editable time blocks, so you can sail through each day with confidence.

Tackle your to-do list: Control the scope of an ever-expanding to-do list and create a manageable daily workload.

Know when to pause: Create finite blocks of time for each activity to encourage efficiency and unwavering focus.

Work on what matters: Finish your top priorities first when you fully devote your time to the most important activities.

time blocking with a Monday labeltime blocking with a Monday label
colorful squares and rectangles in three columnscolorful squares and rectangles in three columns

Share the wealth—and your schedule

Create cohesive schedules for group-wide productivity and visibility, whether you’re planning an event for all or trying to book solo time on the VP’s calendar. Record group meetings with the Activity Tracker, add comments and questions with Lil’ Notes, and share your schedules with anyone who asks. Improve collective focus with FigJam.

Take it day by day

Prioritize daily and weekly tasks with our time block template. Then, plan out long-term projects and record detailed next steps with templates from our Community.


Write down all your tasks in a list and rank them by their level of importance. You should also estimate how long each task will take so you can schedule it across multiple days if needed. This will be essential for task batching and starting block scheduling of your daily or weekly planner.

Once you have a general understanding of your commitments, open our weekly time blocking template and plot the tasks on your to-do list. When filling in your time blocking calendar template, consider external factors that can impact the amount of time you have, such as:

- Existing commitments including company meetings, school activities, or personal events

- Your fluctuating energy and productivity levels throughout the day

- Fellow collaborators to coordinate schedules with

Time blocking method is a time management technique that splits your day up into discrete sections. On your daily time blocking template, each section will be dedicated to a specific task with a start and end time. A time blocking schedule template can help you organize and prioritize your to-do list into bite-sized chunks, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

With a time blocking planner template, you’re also less likely to spend energy haphazardly switching from task to task. Instead, your time blocks create structured focus sessions with one singular goal so your attention won’t waver until the end of a block.

If you’re unsure how to use our free time blocking template, check out this sample schedule:

8 am – Breakfast, check email for updates

9 am – Focus session #1: edit presentation deck

11 am – Company-wide meeting

12 pm – Lunch

1 pm – Focus session #2: review and update quarterly finances

3 pm – Client meeting and site visit

5:30 pm – Wrap up, final communication follow-ups

The time block scheduling can be beneficial for all types of tasks and for anyone, from busy moms to CEOs.

Missing focus in your life? Open our free daily time blocking template and create a schedule that works for you.

Time blocking is a valuable time management tool that helps structure your daily schedule and maximize productivity. In doing so, you're able to prioritize multiple tasks, reduce distractions, and set clear goals for what you want to achieve in a specific amount of time.

Our weekly time blocking template includes editable time blocks, making it easy for you to organize your daily tasks and make adjustments as you go. Best practices for using this template include:

  • Be intentional about the tasks you're committing to. Prioritize tasks that will make the most impact.
  • Make realistic estimates for how long it will take you to complete individual tasks.
  • Avoid burnout by taking breaks throughout your work day.
  • Track your progress, and adjust the template as needed.

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