Map out your vision with our timeline template

No matter what’s around the bend, FigJam’s timelines templates help your team stay on track so you can cross the finish line together.

arrow with several boxes representing different stages of a timelinearrow with several boxes representing different stages of a timeline

Timeline template

Streamline an existing plan or create a new project timeline with our free timeline template.

Can’t see the light at the end of the timeline?

Illuminate every shot-in-the-dark idea and plot out bright new plans with our customizable visual timeline template.

Create a roadmap: Create a chronological timeline to track the progress to keep your entire team on the same page from storyboard to ship.

Innovate all the time: Communicate feature additions and changes to your project in real-time.

Bring collaboration into the future: Make teamwork second nature with a shared timeline of collective goals.

timeline with Figjams collaborative toolstimeline with Figjams collaborative tools
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Tools that take you from day 1 to final draft

With cursor chats, emotes, and polls, FigJam makes project management easy. Have confidence and clarity—together. Engage with team members on your timeline in real-time, on your time, and even during crunch time.

Launch into the future

Start with a plan and end with a product with a project timeline template. Continue building your business even after you hit that latest milestone, with templates from our Community.


A timeline visually represents any major milestone of your project or business, featuring a mix of graphics and words that capture the milestones or obstacles on the horizon. It can be used by project managers, stakeholders or an employee working on the team. Whether you’re reflecting on the past or visualizing the future, a timeline can help establish priorities for your team.

Wondering how to make a timeline template or unsure about how to write a project timeline example? The good news is there’s no one right way. The best timeline is the one your team understands, so incorporate images, language, and diagrams that resonate with your team.

Before you even consider how to make a timeline of events or how to make a timeline for a project, you should discuss the scope of what’s at hand with your team. Establish the bigger picture, whether that’s a product release, an event, or a major presentation. Then, think about the milestones, deadlines, and details that comprise it.

The look of your timeline presentation might depend on your goals, projects, and deadlines. But every timeline should be easy to read and easy to understand. What is a timeline used for if not to provide clarity and perform a function? 

At its core, a proper timeline design helps your team stay accountable and meet significant milestones. So, when deciding on the look of your timeline, consider visual elements that emphasize dates and goals. Does the timeline help your team better understand the passage of time? Can you employ certain colors, fonts, or geometric shapes to underscore key points? 

Understand why a timeline is important but need help with the format? So whether you need a basic timeline with important dates or a more robust one, FigJam has you covered. FigJam makes it easy with a free timeline chart template—an easy-to-use, customizable framework for a collaborative future.

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