Lay out your day with a to do list template

With customizable templates from FigJam’s collection, you can draft the perfect to do list—then decide who’s going to do it.

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To do list template

From new hires to your Number Two, anyone can view, share, and contribute to this editable to do list template.

Cross “increase efficiency” off your checklist

Reduce downtime, improve productivity, and track the task status all in one place on a free to do list template.

Provide structure: Delegate responsibilities to your team with a printable to do list that’s accessible from anywhere.

Put your tasks in order: Drag and drop each item on your to do list to create a hierarchy of importance.

Make massive projects manageable: Break your workload into bite-sized pieces by outlining steps for each task.

two to do lists with different project statusestwo to do lists with different project statuses
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There’s always something to do

Making a to do list on a shared whiteboard has never been easier—or more enjoyable. Games and icebreakers lead to light-hearted list-making, while images and out-of-the-box shapes keep you on-task (and on-brand). With FigJam’s interactive templates, there’s never a dull moment.

From to-do to ta-da

Whether you call it an itinerary, program, list planner, or checklist, keep it neat and tidy with the magic of FigJam. And once you know what to do, explore how to do it with more templates from our Community.


You might think that making a to do list is as easy as writing down all of your tasks. And it certainly can be. But while some to do lists are personal, many require input from the whole team.

So, to create the perfect to-do list, try asking yourself:

Is everyone that needs to be involved looped in?

Am I missing any steps that lead to the tasks on here?

Am I missing any steps that come after the tasks on here?

Taming an unruly to do list can feel daunting—but it's doable. If your checklists tend to sprawl over several pages, consider creating more than one. By writing a to do list for a single task, you can carve it into smaller steps to notate bigger tasks and ones that can be completed later to make it more approachable.

To do lists are also an exercise in delegation and collaboration. As your list expands, you can assign responsibilities to your direct reports or ask for help from other team members.

Arranging your tasks in a prioritized list can ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. If you prefer, you can separate your responsibilities by team member, day of the week, or department. No matter how you create order, remember: a structured to do list is a coherent to do list.

With FigJam, organizing your to do list is effortless. Drag items up and down, provide context with sticky notes, and nominate teammates to tackle an important task with stamps. You don’t have to go it alone, either—thanks to our open platform, everyone on your team can partake in your to do list.

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