Stick to the basics with virtual sticky notes

Turn your brainstorm into a sticky note smorgasbord, then unstick your best idea from the virtual board and bring it to life with FigJam’s templates.

nine sticky notes in three rows of threenine sticky notes in three rows of three

Virtual sticky notes template

For ideas that stick, introduce your entire crew to this interactive sticky note collaboration tool.

All the notes, none of the sticky

Use online sticky notes to share ideas, measure output, and create hierarchies and categories—no adhesives necessary.

Go with what you know: Focus on the ideas when you ideate in a simple, user-friendly environment.

Categorize your concepts: Move sticky notes around with ease to group like with like or rank suggestions from first to last.

Color coordinate: Assign everyone a sticky-note color to see who contributed what, or keep every note the same for anonymity’s sake.

one blue and one red sticky noteone blue and one red sticky note
colorful sticky notes in an abstract patterncolorful sticky notes in an abstract pattern

Free-associate with virtually anyone

Brainstorms go better when your besties come along. On a FigJam whiteboard, there’s no limit to the number of collaborators you can include. Relocate your notes with a swipe, augment your ideas with diagrams and drawings, and share your thoughts with Emoji, Excalidraw Pad, and Lil’ Notes.


Sticky note brainstorming allows you to write down every idea without letting your drawing board become too much of a mess. Because each virtual sticky note contains different, discrete topics and notions, it’s a breeze to reorganize, separate, and even scrap ideas without compromising the rest of the board.

What’s more, sticky note brainstorming is totally trackable. If you assign each participant a color for their “paper,” figuring out who wrote what when the dust settles becomes a piece of cake.

An online sticky notes collaboration tool takes the simplicity of the sticky note wall and removes the glue, paper cuts, and general chaos of the real thing. That’s right, you won’t have to stress about your definitely messy handwriting or your maybe adhesive allergy.

Digital sticky seshes mean you can start putting ideas on the wall anytime, from anywhere. You can also return to your virtual sticky note session time and time again without worrying that someone will toss all of your carefully wrought stickies in the trash.

Speaking of trash—an online stickies sesh generates zero waste, making it a 100% eco-friendly alternative to the traditional method.

For a no-nonsense approach to brainstorming online, try a virtual sticky note board, free from FigJam. With all the stickies you could need already in place (and an effortless way to generate more), you can focus all your energy on stretching your ideas—not setting up. Plus, Community-built widgets and tools galore make your brainstorming session all the more stimulating.

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