Enjoy riveting water cooler conversations—online

“Pour” yourself a “beverage,” dust off your conversational skills, and start shooting the breeze with your new coworkers, team members, or peers—FigJam makes online connection easier than ever.

water cooler conversation diagram examplewater cooler conversation diagram example

Water cooler conversations template

Gossip and gab with good friends or employees around the globe when you put this water cooler topics template to use.

Blow boredom out of the water

Connect with those around you, even if you’re not gathered at a physical water cooler. Fire up this list of water cooler questions and let the convos commence.

Build and bond: Foster new relationships and strengthen communicationwith yourteam members, managers, peers, and collaborators.

Stay up to date: Catch up on the latest TV shows, the best new restaurants, local politics… and maybe even work projects.

Enjoy every second: Break up your day with a bit of loosely structured casual conversation—you deserve it!

mouse cursors hovering over conversation ideas on a diagrammouse cursors hovering over conversation ideas on a diagram
various icons in a bubble grouping such as human icons, speaker, and mic iconsvarious icons in a bubble grouping such as human icons, speaker, and mic icons

Water you doing all by yourself?

Like the world’s largest break room, FigJam lets you bring as many people as possible into the conversation. Add exciting topics to the mix, settle debates by Vote or Anonymous Thoughts, and react in real-time using Lil’ Notes and Emoji widgets—you can express yourself just like you would in person.

Team convos just got cooler

Keep the conversations flowing with an endless list of virtual water cooler topics. And when it’s time to step away from the cooler, our community has more templates for you to try.


Anything you want! Sports, music, politics, weekend plans, video games—it’s up to you and your group. Water cooler conversations are supposed to be casual and unstructured. The idea is to set work aside for ten minutes so you can return to your “desk” feeling refreshed and inspired.

Of course, if you’re running out of things to say, a backup list of water cooler chat topics is never a bad idea. Prompts can foster engagement and keep the conversation going, especially in situations where coworkers don’t know each other well—yet.

Shooting the breeze using water cooler conversation topics gives everyone a chance to:

- Build and strengthen relationships or company culture

- Relax for a few minutes during a busy day

- Think outside the box

- Come up with a spontaneous game-changing idea without the pressure of a meeting

Traditionally, a water cooler game is any icebreaker you can play with nothing more than a group of people—think two truths and a lie, charades, or “would you rather?” Because they don’t require cards, a board, a pen and paper, or any other props, these are games you can play anywhere with a colleague or team member, anytime, including standing around a water cooler.

When you use FigJam to move your water cooler conversations into the virtual realm, you open up a world of possibilities. Online, you can play card games, board games, drawing games, video games—you name it. Suddenly every game is a water cooler game. So, when you run out of watercooler topics, reach for the virtual dice or cards and enjoy.

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