Make big plans with our weekly schedule template

Plot out your entire week, prioritize daily tasks, and make every 1:1, team, and stand-up meeting count with our weekly planner.

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Weekly schedule template

Make the most out of your time with a free weekly planner template that follows the way you flow.

Plan ahead to stay ahead

Stay on top of the week with a digital weekly planner template that keeps you organized (and your team up to speed).

Change your perspective: Get a high-level view of what work is in progress. Then, take in today’s priorities at eye level.

Fit in your workflow: Match your weekly tasks to company goals and cross “have a strong week” off your to-do list.

Keep stress off the table: Balance your work schedule so you actually have the bandwidth to celebrate your wins.

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All collab, no clutter

Schedule tasks and meetings down to the minute with Timeline and FigJenda widgets. Stay vocal on works-in-progress through comments, emotes, and stamps that keep the conversation going. FigJam keeps your slate clean as your team builds momentum.

Put your plans where you can see them

Gather your responsibilities in a single field to get a feel for your weekly tasks. Then, explore other templates from our Community to scale your organizational skills.


To track every task, start by typing out your to-do list—everything from small-scale tasks to your quarterly presentations. 

From there, you’ll customize your order of operations that enables you to tackle the most pressing tasks while keeping an eye on the ones on the horizon. Map out every hour of the week to stay on top of every iron you have in the fire—and cross off every fire you’ve put out.

FigJam’s printable weekly planner templates allow you to take advantage of free online widgets and then print it out for that pen-to-paper satisfaction.

Start simple: sketch the dates of the week you’re working in. Then, prioritize your to-do list into A, B, and C-level tasks. Reserve the first days of your workweek for scheduling top-priority responsibilities or assignments, and use open space for maintenance, meetings, and follow-ups.

Break big projects into bite-sized pieces you can stagger throughout the month, keeping note of your headway, roadblocks, and insights. Use stars and emblems to pinpoint important dates or milestones to keep your eyes on the prize from week to week.

You know what they say: messy room, messy mind. The same goes for monthly, weekly, and daily planner templates—the cleaner you can keep your planner, the more clarity you’ll have to tackle (and triumph over) your tasks.

To use your weekly planner effectively, put every task on your mind into the room—your template. From there, prioritize, tinker, visualize your path through the entire week, staying connected with your peers to account for your team’s goals.

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