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Find alignment with a wheel of life template

Balance all the vital aspects of your life. From relationships with friends and family to career aspirations and finances, take control of your life with FigJam’s life goals template.

six colorful squares in a circle connected by diagonal linessix colorful squares in a circle connected by diagonal lines

Wheel of life template

Share FigJam’s wheel of life coaching template with clients, or connect with friends to collaborate on a bright future—no matter where you’re located.

Take stock of the situation

Seize control of your own destiny. Use FigJam’s life goal template to distill overarching lifestyle patterns into an understandable, workable format.

Gain perspective: See your life from all-new angles to identify both where you’re going and where the gaps are.

Plan properly: Inform your self-improvement efforts with a top-notch analysis.

Keep records: Complete a life balance wheel template every six months and maintain a record of your growth.

balance wheel example with labels Work, Life, Finances, Health, Travel, and Growthbalance wheel example with labels Work, Life, Finances, Health, Travel, and Growth
wheel diagram with a gradient backgroundwheel diagram with a gradient background

Call roadside assistance

Don’t struggle with a flat wheel alone. Reach out to trusted friends and mentors with FigJam’s editable wheel of life template. Strategize together using intuitive design tools and integrated widgets like cursor chats and emotes, and come back whenever you want to refocus. With FigJam, self-improvement has never been easier.

Upgrade your ride

Paint a clear picture of your experience with a life wheel template. Work toward your goals in every sector with more of FigJam’s community-created templates.


The wheel of life exercise is a reflection tool used to examine every realm of a person’s existence. The exercise involves creating a circle divided into equal sections. Each section represents a different life category, which can be personalized to the person completing the exercise. The participant assigns a grade to each of the categories as they currently exist in order to gain perspective on where they want to make changes in their life.

The wedges often include categories like:

- Friends and family

- Romantic life

- Finances

- Career

- Environment

- Health

- Hobbies and leisure

- Personal development

However, the point of this self-reflection tool is to analyze what matters most in your life—your activism, leadership, community service, confidence, fashion sense, you name it.

When presenting the wheel of life exercise to a coaching client (or an interested friend) it’s best to frame it as an informative reflection tool. It’s meant to reveal imbalances in a person’s lifestyle and not to measure their level of “success.”

Use FigJam’s blank wheel of life template to start your self-reflection journey. Label each of the equal-sized slices with the life category you’ll be assessing. Complete the exercise by scoring your level of satisfaction with each category and filling in the slice accordingly. Once you’re evaluated each one, you can see how well the wheel of your life turns and what bumps you need to even out to enjoy a smooth ride.

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