Celebrate your colleagues with our work anniversary template

Our customizable template makes it oh-so-easy to show appreciation for every team member’s achievement.

certificate example on an orange backgroundcertificate example on an orange background

Work anniversary template  

For expressions of gratitude and joyful congratulations on a career well spent, try this free work anniversary card template.

Skip gemstones—send a virtual card

45 years of marriage equals a sapphire anniversary, but Mary Beth technically isn’t wed to her job. Save your precious jewels and send her a note instead.

A hallmark of success: Showcase colleagues and their valuable achievements.

A homemade feel: Our accessible and customizable template leaves room for genuine personality.

A company-wide congrats: Working from home? Easily collect your entire team’s signatures with a collaborative virtual card.

heart eyes emojis with mouse cursor reactions from FigJam's collaboration toolsheart eyes emojis with mouse cursor reactions from FigJam's collaboration tools
certificate example with starbursts and sparkle designscertificate example with starbursts and sparkle designs

Celebrate good times, c’mon!

You may not be together to share cake or champagne, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have collective fun—or capture moments from afar with a built-in Photo Booth. From work anniversaries to milestones, FigJam’s interactive widgets and collaborative canvas help you highlight success and keep connections strong.


Working from home doesn’t mean you have to give up on team celebrations. Invite your coworkers to a virtual hang-out dedicated to congratulating your coworker, complete with digital balloons and emoji cakes. Share the special event with your entire company using a happy work anniversary template and an email invite. Thanks to FigJam’s free work anniversary certificate template, your coworker has a paperless token of affection that lives on forever in their inbox.

On the receiving end of our work anniversary certificate template? Thanks to the wonders of email, you can hit ‘Reply All’ for an acknowledgment that reaches the whole team. Or take the time to respond to an influx of individual cards by thanking the senders one at a time and humbly returning their appreciation.

If you’re not sure how to congratulate work anniversary celebrants, you can either go big with a long, heartfelt message or follow the mantra “less is more.” If you’re signing a card your colleagues made, keep it simple with your name and a congratulatory remark for their hard work. If you intend to spearhead the card, consider including these elements:

1. The number of years your colleague has worked at the job

2. Big achievements made over the past year

3. Ways they improve your day or make your workload lighter

4. Something only they do that improves the whole company

Plug a few of these points into FigJam’s employee work anniversary template for a memorable message that brightens your coworker’s big day.

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