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Prompt a productive drafting sesh with a writing template

Whether you’re marketing a product, drafting a keynote speech, or developing a pilot, eventually you’ll need to sit down and put pen to paper (okay, keyboard). FigJam’s template for writing will keep you organized so you can meet word counts and craft quality content.

pencil hovering over four squarespencil hovering over four squares

Writing template

Tackle that text on a collaborative writing sample template that boosts efficiency—and creativity, too.

Well-written, well-received

So you never got that MFA. You can still write with the best of them. Finesse your flow for clearer communication, sharper advertising, and stronger information-sharing across the board.

Impress: Create buzz and build loyalty with clean, clever, consistent copy.

Promote: Communicate product value and turn readers to users with compelling, high-quality written content.

Direct: Climb the search-engine ranks and establish credibility by outlining SEO strategies on your writer’s template.

green piece of paper with text and scribbles marking it upgreen piece of paper with text and scribbles marking it up
blue piece of paper with doodles and FigJam's collaboration toolsblue piece of paper with doodles and FigJam's collaboration tools

Communication station

Whether you’re directing in-house copywriters, fine-tuning the first draft, or sending guidelines to an outside resource, a blank writing template from FigJam will keep everyone on the same page. With collaborative widgets like Storymapper, Badge, and Markdown Notes, say so long to the dreaded red pen—feedback can be fun.

Get on the write track

When you organize your process on a writing plan template, you can turn the page on messy workflows and miscommunication. Take control of the next chapter with templates from the Community.


Writing guide templates are used for myriad purposes in writing, from creative essay crafting to the creation of web page copy. A writing template is just the roadmap that helps an individual or a team along in the writing process. These templates will contain the basic outline of a piece, and typically include helpful notes on the audience, objective, and structure of the text.

Teams can customize blank writing prompt templates to streamline content production. Say, for instance, say an independent bakery hires a copywriting firm to create snappy content for their new delivery website. The bakery team can create a FigJam writing plan template that provides the copywriting firm with all the prompts and details they need to write accurate, informative, and entertaining copy.

Structuring a writing prompt is fairly simple. First, you must determine the audience of the prompt—who will be writing? Are you guiding students through their first creative writing project, or are you inspiring a team of seasoned writers to take their work to the next level?

Once you’ve nailed down your audience, you can move on to content. Consider the end goal of the prompt. What information do you need to provide? What questions do you need to ask?

Brainstorm these questions and draft a few sentences. Have you provided accurate instruction and information? Refine the prompt on your writing planner template until it feels crystal clear.

While every piece of writing is different, most writing prompts contain the following 3 elements:

Summary: An overview of the ultimate purpose of the writing assignment and the assorted required content

Logistics: Guidance about formatting, word count, and other technical concerns

Style: Information about the intended “voice” of the project, whether it be a short story or brand-focused SEO

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