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Create clarity with FigJam's free org chart creator

Define roles, streamline reporting structures, and enhance employee onboarding with FigJam’s free online org chart creator.

org chart on an online whiteboardorg chart on an online whiteboard

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org charts made easyorg charts made easy

Org chart features
Org charts made easy

Create your own org chart in just a few clicks. Add shapes, images, or text, and connect them in an instant with our smart connectors that automatically snap into place.

org charts using FigJam's AI featuresorg charts using FigJam's AI features

Create with AI

With FigJam's free template and built-in AI features, building an org chart is effortless, efficient, and amazing.

easy to update an org charteasy to update an org chart

Easy to update

Easily add and reposition team members as your organization evolves and plans for future headcount.

collaborate org chartscollaborate org charts

Made for sharing

Create an org chart that’s visually impressive and collaborative. Then share it with anyone.

Jump right in with a org chart template

Kickstart conversations and projects with over 300 online templates, including classic mind map templates.

There's more to explore

We’ve got a step-by-step guide, popular concept map templates, and helpful resources from the community.

how to create a org chart cover photohow to create a org chart cover photo

How to create an org chart

Learn how to make an org chart in 5 easy steps.

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strategic planning resourcesstrategic planning resources

Start planning strategy

Tap into more resources that will help you with strategic planning.

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More from the Figma community

Check out these mind map resources created by other Figma users.

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Check out other ways to use FigJam

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Online whiteboarding

Collaborate with your remote team to turn possibilities into plans, faster.

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strategy and planning cover photostrategy and planning cover photo

Strategy and planning

Get alignment and turn ideas into actions, from project planning to roadmapping—and everything in between.

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Agile workflows

Facilitate conversations that keep sprints moving forward in stand-ups, retros, and more.

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