Concept maps for visual learners

Concept maps help you simply explain key concepts in an easily digestible format.

circle branches out to five squares in a concept map templatecircle branches out to five squares in a concept map template

Concept map for design thinking

Creative projects need creative ideas, and concept mapping is one of the best methods for generating new ideas and fresh perspectives. This concept map template provides just enough structure to help you get started.

Not your average concept mapping tool

Whether you’re concept mapping or designing a user journey, FigJam gets your ideas organized.

Diagram as fast as you think: Quickly map out flows with out-of-the-box shapes and automatic connectors. Conduct brainstorming sessions with your team to visually work through new ideas.

Leverage your designs: Add screens and components from your design libraries for more context and realism.

Ready to share: Move fast without losing polish. Diagrams in FigJam are presentation-ready.

Collaborative concept map maker

The best ideas come from teams. Get the most out of your team meetings and visualize complex ideas together using our concept map creator. Seamlessly shift from ideation to action and get projects across the finish line faster.

Get started with diagramming templates

Don't diagram from scratch. Explore more free concept map templates and other diagramming templates from our collection. Or, check out the Figma Community to see how others are using FigJam with their teams.

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