Explain the big picture with a concept poster

Visualize your big idea—whether it’s a product or a program—on FigJam’s concept poster template. Come together with your team to paint a clear picture of future goals and the best way to forge ahead.

various shapes stacked up on an orange backgroundvarious shapes stacked up on an orange background

Concept poster

Collaborate to outline main points and deliver high-level information through a simple, digestible medium.

Presentation perfect

Spell out your spiel with an engaging visual that’ll get your initiative off to a strong start. FigJam’s design thinking posters can help you draw eyes—and support.

Hit your talking points: Ensure that you cover all the most important parts of your next endeavor.

Win over the crowd: Pitch new ideas and their design elements to decision-makers and potential investors.

Give direction: Provide a clear, easy-to-reference pathway to your ultimate goal.

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Sharing is caring

Make sure everyone in your organization has access to the next big thing. On FigJam’s shared concept poster template, you can elicit, react to, and store team feedback all in one place. Continue the conversation with Lil Notes, collaborate with Vote, and bring on the excitement with emotes.

Design for a brighter tomorrow

Your team has something special to share with the world. FigJam makes it easy to spread that something special around with Community templates.


A concept poster is a presentation tool that helps individuals and teams build a case for their big ideas. These posters are used to present a new proposed product, direction, or service to stakeholders and decision-makers.

A design thinking poster breaks down a high-level concept into digestible categories. It’s a fantastic tool that can help you distill the main points of a topic without being bogged down by too many details.

The format of a concept poster is pretty simple. It includes the new idea itself at the top, followed by individual boxes for the following questions:

-What is it?

-Who is it for?

-What problem does it solve?

-How does it work?

-Why might it not work?

-How will we measure success?

The final portion of the poster is a proposed timeline of the project that will cover major milestones and deadlines.

To create a concept poster or product design poster, you’ll want to start with an idea. If you’ve already had that lightbulb moment—great! If not, gather some trusted team members and begin brainstorming.

Jot down your idea at the top of your template and then dive into the details. Discuss each question on the poster and then fill out each corresponding section as a group. With the unique viewpoints of the experts on your team, it should be simple to consider your idea from all angles.

You can streamline your concept poster creation process by hosting it on FigJam’s free product concept template. Gather with your team, access top-of-the-line intuitive design tools, and keep the energy up with a wide selection of interactive widgets.

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