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mockup of a creative brief with various sections for copymockup of a creative brief with various sections for copy

Creative brief template

Communicate your creative project campaign needs or put the finishing touches on your project pitch with our creative brief example.

Brush up on the details

When you’re just starting out and solidifying your vision, use a creative brief to communicate key project details and align every team member.

Bring stakeholders on board: Share your vision with project participants at all levels for a coordinated start and lasting success.

Keep it short and sweet: List out the project goals, messaging, target audience, and more, in one succinct, easily shareable document.

Pin down the purpose: Clarify the bigger picture when you tie project details into your overall objectives.

creative brief example with FigJam's collaboration toolscreative brief example with FigJam's collaboration tools
three rows of white rectangles with green checkmarksthree rows of white rectangles with green checkmarks

Start at the shared drawing board

Draw on your team’s creativity with our creative brief template. Find inspiration in our shared workspaces, imaginative stamps and emotes, and interactive community-built widgets. With a convenient Timeline feature and data-driven Table and Bar Chart capabilities, FigJam templates help the entire group get started.

Color outside the lines 

Lay out a marketing campaign or project overview with our creative brief sample. Then add depth and perspective to your sketch with templates from our Community.


A creative brief is typically used in design and marketing during the creative process to provide a snapshot of a project. Most often, the client details the project vision and specifics such as project purpose, target audience, style and tone, and more. A creative brief functions as a point of reference for the creative team—a no-fuss, shareable document capturing the most relevant points that everyone can agree on before starting the work itself.

Emphasize the brief with our simple creative brief template. When writing, it’s important to consider how to make your creative brief succinct and easily readable.

A sample creative brief begins with a general overview of the project, including information like the project name, brand, point of contact, and the like, so you can easily identify your project from the stack. Then, gather your team and start to work through the sections related to vision and objectives, identifying your audience and the project’s main message. Finally, pin down logistical details such as timeline and budget. Pass the document back and forth between collaborators for a shared understanding.

Ready to begin? It’s easy to stay on the same page with our creative brief sample. FigJam’s example of creative brief covers all the important categories so you can focus on telling your story.

A creative brief ensures the client and creative team work toward a common goal and are aligned on the expectations and scope of work. A sample creative brief template also outlines a shared strategy and clearly charts deliverables so the two sides can work together without a hitch. These powerful documents serve as the first point of reference for collaborators, providing quick answers to basic questions about the project.

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