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nice rectangles intended to represent sections of a design briefnice rectangles intended to represent sections of a design brief

Design brief example

Collectively spark new design ideas and build upon existing ones—together.

Share the floor… and the design details

Effective communication, creative collaboration, and a shared understanding lead to cohesive design decisions and outcomes that align with your vision.

Look at the big picture: Establish a shared understanding of the design’s overall purpose, important milestones, must-have style elements, and more.

Get on the same page: Create a long-lasting, productive partnership between client and designer by aligning your ideas at the start of the process.

Ensure smooth collaboration:  Set up a point of reference so all parties can quickly remind themselves of the final destination—and make sure they don’t veer off course.

section of a design brief with hovering mouse cursorsection of a design brief with hovering mouse cursor
three paper notepads with a green checkmark in the middlethree paper notepads with a green checkmark in the middle

It takes a village

Behind every successful design is an entire creative community. Involve everyone’s input in the process with our shared workspaces and interactive stamps, emotes, and Lil Notes. Once you’ve built a foundation of collaboration, you can build a working design brief that the whole team can get behind.

Find the common thread, and use it to create

Create a design that checks all the boxes with our design brief template. Then, use your design objectives, overall vision, and our interactive templates to guide every step of the creative process.


A design brief is a document that outlines the needs of a visual design, used to facilitate communication and ensure clarity between a designer and a client, or multiple teams working together on a creative campaign or project.

A design brief template includes logistical details—the specific deliverables and budget or timeline constraints—as well as insights about the visuals themselves and how they’ll be used—the campaign’s goals, target audience, guidelines, tonality, competitors, and more.

Writing an effective design brief is a collaborative process. Start with a creative design brief template that everyone on your team—and external teams, if desired—can freely edit and access. Some teams will create their briefs internally then share them with the creative agency working on the project, while other groups might choose to collaborate from the very first touchpoint: the brief itself.

In either case, you’ll want to start with the big-picture, then zoom in to touch on more granular design details and requirements, based on what will resonate with your audience and convey your message clearly. With FigJam’s editable template, it’s easy to add visual elements and inspiration images, in addition to writing descriptive text, so feel free to exercise a multi-media approach.

In terms of what makes a good design brief, both high-level ideas and the nitty-gritty details matter. A sample design brief will include the following sections:

  • Objectives: Specify the purpose of this project to determine the driving force behind every design decision.
  • Target audience: Identify the customer group the design should speak to.
  • Design guidelines: Include concrete details such as colors, fonts, styles, and images that fit with the brand or project. Don’t forget key messaging that tells the brand’s story.
  • Project details: A good design brief template example always has room for a timeline or schedule, clarifying the deliverables and their deadlines.

Not sure where to start? Follow our simple example of a design brief. FigJam’s design brief includes all the essentials for a successful project so you can jump in whenever inspiration strikes.

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