Facilitate understanding with this facilitator guide template

Keep meetings, projects, and training sessions on task with our customizable facilitator’s guide, then make your life even easier by integrating FigJam’s other tools into the process.

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Facilitator guide template

Invite all of your fellow facilitators into an interactive, editable facilitation guide template.

Facilitate faster

Create a framework to organize action points, stay on schedule, and ensure everyone present is on the same page.

Plot out your process: Lay out how you’ll move from point A to point B in any meeting, project proposal, or training scenario.

Make handy handouts: Share your facilitators’ guide with attendees so they can follow along and deliver feedback.

Set nothing in stone: Give yourself the flexibility to alter your facilitation on the fly.

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Guide others to greatness

FigJam’s open platform facilitates collaboration so you can facilitate the most engaging meetings. Build an agenda together from anywhere with Timeline, Teams, and Lil’ Notes. Then, fold in company flair in a flash with easy uploads and integrations from Figma.

See you later, facilitator

Organize all of your thoughts in a single place and facilitate with fervor. Whenever you need more helpful tools, the FigJam community has you covered.


Think of a facilitator guide as an instruction manual for a training session, meeting, or project. These documents work to guide any facilitator through the topics, timing, and general setup of a group meeting.

For example, a training facilitator guide template helps ensure consistency across training sessions. Regardless of who’s running the session, new trainees will encounter the same content delivered in the same way.

Facilitators take on numerous roles when leading a meeting or training session, but the five most essential are:

1. Guide. Even though you’ll be following a facilitator guide, you are in charge of guiding everyone else through the session.

2. Motivator. You set and keep the pace of the meeting.

3. Cheerleader. When attendees need praise and support, you’re there for them.

4. Listener. You may be delivering the content, but you should always be ready to answer questions and clarify information.

5. Keeper of the peace. If tensions arise, you’re there to step in and mediate.

The quickest way to create a guide is to start with a facilitation guide outline from FigJam. With the formatting already in place, you can focus on what you know best: the content.

Once you have your framework, you’ll want to assemble all the relevant people and start brainstorming. Outline the information you want to share, then think about the goal of each section, how much time you’ll need for each entry, and which resources you’ll use. Slot it all into your facilitator guide, and you’re ready to rumble. And remember—you can always tweak your guide after the first, third, or even thirtieth presentation.

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