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Design the next big app with our iPhone template

The future of iPhone app design is at your fingertips. Build anything from platform games to financial tools with this streamlined template.

three example iphone screensthree example iphone screens

iPhone template

Envision everybody’s next digital obsession and translate your concept into a user-friendly app with this team-based template.

Mobilize your product—pocket-sized

Maximize convenience and innovate on the go. It all starts with an efficient iPhone design template.

Tap into creativity: Oversee designs and developments as your app design progresses.

Swipe right on functionality: Visualize the framework of your app and ensure positive user interactions.

Phone a friend: Ask teammates to review your design for clarity and added user insight, before you launch.

two iphone mockup screenstwo iphone mockup screens
iphone mockup screen with blue thumbs up emojiiphone mockup screen with blue thumbs up emoji

Invite FigJam to the text chain

Even Dave-from-accounting’s classic gifs are starting to go stale. Looking to spice up a dwindling thread with coworkers? Keep ideas fomenting and your app-development lively using FigJam’s collaborative free widgets like Lil Notes, Teams, and Vote.


All iPhone app design processes begin by identifying a need, be it consumer or product-based. For example, you may be constructing a mobile version of online banking for an existing institution, or you could be inventing a stand-alone product. Either way, your app should strive for convenience, efficiency, and user-friendliness. You can achieve these traits by running your app mockup and any beta versions past your entire team.

iPhone apps templates are here to bring your dizziest daydreams into 16k resolution. Explore FigJam’s free iOS app templates, iPhone templates, and app design examples for a clear structure that covers all the bases, or sketch your own diagram.

Here’s a basic rundown of the app development process:

1. Name your app.

2. Research your customer base to identify their needs.

3. Plan out your timeframe and budget.

4. Customize app design from scratch or with iPhone mockup templates.

5. Install your app presentation onto an iPhone screen to test.

6. Publish and promote.

Getting a fresh app out there isn’t as far-fetched as some might expect—it just requires creativity and collaboration in spades. Gather a team of like-minded developers, including graphic designers and software engineers, to flesh out your initial concept. Or if you’re using no-code iPhone templates, dive in solo. With the different angles of outside input and a lot of testing, your app will be live in no time.

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