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Jobs to be done template 

Empower your entire team to listen to the customer with free examples of jobs to be done analysis.

Product for hire

When you address your customers’ most pressing problems, your new product will naturally rise to the top.

Identify customer needs: Understand customer motivations so you can design products and services that meet the moment.

Step into buyers’ shoes: Evaluate your next project from a customer’s perspective to provide proactive solutions.

Align team effort: Create a shared understanding of your customers’ problems and work toward the same goal.

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Speak your customers’ love language

Quality time? Acts of service? When everyone’s invested in the relationship, there are unlimited ways to show your customers that you care. Share a new or existing solutionin our open canvas designs, jot down ideas with Community-built widgets, and highlight your favorite words of affirmation with stamps and emotes.


A jobs to be done (JTBD) analysis is a business approach that treats products or services as if they’re up for hire. In a jobs to be done framework example, the customer “hires” your product to perform a specific “job.” For example, when a customer is in the market for a new lock, they’re not really looking for just a lock. Instead, the customer is looking to hire the lock as their security service.

The jobs to be done format helps your product team identify the customer’s core needs and how your product or service can satisfy them. Jobs to be done framework examples keep the focus on the customer rather than on the product itself. Guided by this framework, teams can orient every aspect of their product development, marketing strategies, and overall messaging around the customer’s deepest motivations and desires—anticipating needs and “firing” products and services that fail to get the job done.

To write a jobs to be done analysis, begin by opening up our free jobs to be done framework template and inviting your teammates onboard. From there, compile notes and insights around the product from the perspective of your customers. Pay special attention to the following:

- The product or service hired

- The reason for hiring

- The barriers to being hired

- The strengths and weakness of the product or service in performing the entire job

After you complete your jobs to be done worksheet, share it across product and marketing teams to establish a company-wide understanding of why your product will work—or why a new feature deserves the pink slip.

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