Turn issues into action steps with our problem statement example

Whether you’re inspiring investment in a project or ironing out some kinks in a product, FigJam’s sample problem statements help the whole team find opportunities and tackle challenges. Problem solving will no longer be something you dread.

problem statement example with four blank sectionsproblem statement example with four blank sections

Problem statement example

Bridge the gap between problem and progress on our free, editable template. Easily identify potential causes and develop a proposed solution.

Put your heads together

Improve your problem-solving approach and discover unlikely opportunities when you bring multiple perspectives on board.

Goodbye hazy sketch, hello clear skies: Define your current state and future goals—and then work together to reach them.

Nip it in the bud: Stop issues from becoming problems when you pinpoint obstacles and adjust accordingly.

Take a bite, not a mouthful: Arrive at effective, no-fuss solutions when you split the central issue into manageable steps.

problem statement process stepsproblem statement process steps
problem statement template with FigJams collaboration toolsproblem statement template with FigJams collaboration tools

Going it alone? Problematic

Find actionable, easy-to-implement solutions with the people you trust. With interactive features including stamps and emotes, FigJam’s problem statement templates help you break down breakdowns and lean on team members for support as you troubleshoot.


A problem statement sounds fairly intense—Am I in trouble? Are you?—but it’s just a document that outlines an issue that needs to be addressed or an area that could be improved. Often starting with a customer problem statement or a business problem statement provides a good path forward for a possible solution.

These concise documents identify the core of the problem and list out smaller manageable steps to overcome it. Problem statements tackle obstacles big and small, from pinpointing a one-off issue in a new company process to digging deep into your business’s raison d’etre.

When you’re writing a problem statement, you may want to begin by bringing in your team, friends, or family on board to widen your perspective. Having a problem statement example can provide helpful guidance.

Share perspectives, impressions, and observations to paint a clear picture of the problem and define your common goals. Then, write—and whittle away. Follow the concise problem statement format to address the 5 Ws (who, what, where, what, why) outline the problem, method, and purpose.

Don’t forget to look at the bigger picture. Each problem is an opportunity to discover purpose. The root cause may not be as difficult to solve as you thought. Does this specific issue connect to deeper obstacles? Can the solution lead to further success? FigJam’s collaborative problem statement worksheet makes it easy to uncover upsides, silver linings, and golden opportunities.

The 5 elements of a problem statement are the problem, the solution, the purpose, the procedure, and the results. On a problem statement, each element comes together to clearly define what the problem is, why it must be addressed, and which steps will lead to your desired results.

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