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Let imagination roam with SCAMPER examples

Introduce your team to greener project pastures with an innovative SCAMPER strategy that helps your brainstorm sessions flourish.

one column of seven rows of rectangles that are labeled with the letters S-C-A-M-P-E-Rone column of seven rows of rectangles that are labeled with the letters S-C-A-M-P-E-R

SCAMPER examples

See what’s possible when you Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, and Put your product or process to another use—together.

Watch fresh ideas spring to life

Promote creative brainstorming and inspire playful, curious thinking with a SCAMPER ideation sesh.

Burrow in: Dig down into 7 prompts to uncover project solutions.

Shepherd the flock: Steer the team towards actionable growth and forge new pathways through creative problem solving methods.

Germinate ideas: Come up with product improvements and watch seedlings of success unfurl.

orange square labeled with the word "combine" next to two yellow sticky notesorange square labeled with the word "combine" next to two yellow sticky notes
series of rectangles and pill shapes that describe the SCAMPER acronymseries of rectangles and pill shapes that describe the SCAMPER acronym

Field of teams

On FigJam’s shared SCAMPER template, the whole team can flock together—from the greenest new hires to veteran team leaders to create creative solutions. With collaborative tools like Badge, Table, and Activity Tracker, your team stays connected as your ideas run wild. Because when it comes to laying the groundwork for a dream, there’s no Substitute for teamwork.

What’s beyond the garden gate?

The grass is always greener. So why not explore new pathways and innovative solutions? FigJam’s veritable garden of resources beckons, free from hostile farmers or paywalls.


SCAMPER is an acronym that stands for Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to another use, Eliminate, and Reverse. But what is the SCAMPER method? The SCAMPER framework uses each letter in the acronym as a prompt to help evaluate existing projects and uncover kernels of growth. It is the perfect problem solving technique for your team.

Thanks to the broad-ranging SCAMPER model, your brainstorming sessions are liable to produce holistic, creative, and wholly unexpected results.

Every SCAMPER method example begins with the whole team coming together to explore this multi-faceted mnemonic. Try FigJam’s free SCAMPER examples to enjoy intuitive collaboration and integrated widgets, or lay out the acronym on a whiteboard with ample room for each team member's thoughts.

As you proceed, collectively engage the 7 SCAMPER ideas to find fertile grounds for fresh growth. Your goal is to brainstorm as many options as possible in each category, leaving your inner critic at the door. As you work your way through SCAMPER brainstorming examples, take note of every creative idea. At the end of the acronym, you’ll have a lush list of possibilities complete with everybody’s input.

When it comes to innovation, a SCAMPER tool invites pure creativity across the board. Without confining boundaries, you can make space to ideate upgrades, riff on solutions, and dream up new products. Open to any and all ideas, SCAMPER technique examples welcome team exploration and unbridled curiosity. Imagine an inclusive playground where every wild idea is welcome—that’s how SCAMPER is used in creative thinking, and why it’s so popular across a variety of industries.

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