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Seek informed solutions with FigJam’s voice of the customer template

Your customers have needs and desires that drive your organization to innovate solutions. Turn feedback into positive action with FigJam’s voice of customer template.

three colorful rectangles overlayed on a green backgroundthree colorful rectangles overlayed on a green background

Voice of the customer examples

Translate customer feedbackand anticipate actionable insightson a collaborative template.

Unearth a treasure trove

Don’t let customer paint points collect dust in some forgotten inbox. User feedback is a valuable resource— mine it with FigJam’s voice of customer template to uncover its true worth.

Quoth the user: Share customer feedback verbatim, and interpret it with your whole team.

Investigate to invest: Use the knowledge you gain from a voice of the customer analysis to allocate resources more efficiently.

Streamline customer service: Engage more directly with customer needs and desires to shape products around them.

three colorful rectangles with sticky notes overlayed on topthree colorful rectangles with sticky notes overlayed on top
four rectangles each overlayed with the words customer, issues, comments and requirementsfour rectangles each overlayed with the words customer, issues, comments and requirements

Many hands make light work

Everything’s easier as a team. Complete your voice of the customer survey with a FigJam template, and harness your organization’s people power. With intuitive design tools, global accessibility, and integrated widgets like Badge and Lil Notes, FigJam takes digital collaboration to new heights.

Sharpen your (business) senses

Hear the voice of the customer to see a clear vision for your company’s future. Then, taste success with our Community templates.


Voice of the customer research is an analytic process that involves gathering feedback from users in the form of direct quotes. During this exercise, these customer comments are diagrammed alongside a team’s interpretation of the customer’s desired outcome (the customer needs) and whatever practical solutions the team brainstorms to achieve an outcome (the customer requirements).

What results is a clear translation of the negative feedback—or praise!—into an actionable response.

The voice of the customer process is all about making informed improvements to your customer experience. To kick start your service revamp, gather your team in person or on FigJam’s voice of customer examples. Once you’re all together, you can sort through any questions or concerns from your users and break down the issues they’re experiencing. Then, you’ll take your voice of the customer program further by brainstorming strategies to solve these user issues.

Share your diagram across your company to ensure that every team member speaks the same language. Once you begin approaching customer comments with a refreshed sense of purpose, your service process will improve.

No business operates in a vacuum. Customers and users are the lifeblood of any organization that sells a product or a service. Understanding the customer experience through voice of the customer tools is more than recommended—it’s vital.

But to maximize your team’s understanding of your users’ needs, be sure to follow these voice of the customer best practices:

- Collect feedback from multiple platforms and channels

- Integrate data in real-time

- Share actionable insights with all team members and stakeholders

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