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Design basics

Design basics

Getting started in design

Want to get started in design, but don't know where to begin?

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what is product design cover photowhat is product design cover photo

What is product design?

Learn how product designers help define which goals matter, from both user and business perspectives

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what is wireframing cover photowhat is wireframing cover photo

What is wireframing?

Learn how to start building your next great app or website

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What is a style guide?

Learn how to create and maintain brand consistency for a cohesive user experience.

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what is design thinking cover photowhat is design thinking cover photo

What is design thinking?

Learn how to spark creativity and embrace diverse viewpoints when designing.

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wireframe vs mockup cover photowireframe vs mockup cover photo

Wireframes vs mockups: what's the difference?

Learn about the difference and how they both play a role in user-centered design.

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Design ethics

Is it possible for a design to be unethical? Is there a Hippocratic Oath for design? Let's dive into the ethical implications and obligations designers need to know.

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Accessibility and inclusion

Learn what it means to design for accessibility and inclusivity.

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Design research

Discover the different types of research used in design and how to conduct them.

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Content research & design

Content can help shape your designs and give them life. Learn the basics of design with, and for, content.

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UX design is like a good book, it takes a user on a journey and it has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

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Reducing design complexity

Get hands-on practice by challenging yourself to simplify a sample login screen

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Design brief and moodboard

Learn how to create compelling design briefs and how to develop mood boards for your projects.

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Create a storyboard

Get hands-on practice developing a user story board

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Using an existing system

Learn the basics of working with components and libraries with this design system.

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Design a CV or resume

In designing your resume, you will put into practice all of the principals learned in this course.

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Learn more about how teams are designing in Figma today

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UI design

Learn the ins and outs of the user interface design process.

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Bring ideas to life. Test concepts early and often with our prototyping resources.

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Use diagrams to visually simplify complex user flows, processes, systems, and more.

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