How to use an existing design system

Figma Exercise: How to use an existing design system

how to use an existing design systemhow to use an existing design system

Set up in this Figma file are some basic components — the beginnings of a defined system that can scale with a product. Use these basic elements, much like LEGO bricks, to piece together a series of app screens.

There are buttons, icons, images, colors, and type styles for you to use. Your constraint here is to only use them, and not introduce additional elements of the same kind (with the exception of photos, you can use additional images). Don't feel obligated to use every element. For example, there are a few photos for you to use, but they don't have to be used if they don't fit within your product.

Create ten app screens that work together consistently, feeling like one, cohesive experience.

To be clear, you can make whatever you want with these elements. I recommend emphasizing the work that you've done already in the other exercises, but it is not necessary.

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